London, United Kingdom - SIGMA Financial AI announces beta testing of its first consumer product, Leopard AI. Leopard AI’s platform is designed to improve retail investors' strategies using AI pattern matching.

SIGMA Financial AI launches beta testing of B2C product, Leopard AI.

June 30 2023

Leopard AI offers real-time analytics, empowering retail investors to optimise their strategies. With features like screening, backtesting, sentiment analysis, alerts, and a no-code algorithm builder, users gain advanced tools to navigate financial markets. This platform also provides access to SIGMA's Patterns-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology, bridging data-driven insights and investment decisions.

Notably, Bristol Trading Society members, partners since 2022, are among the first to use Leopard AI. Their collaboration as thought leaders and early adopters underscores SIGMA's commitment to innovation and empowering traders.

About SIGMA Financial AI:

We provide traders with a set of tools that are faster, smarter and easier to use. Our AI machine learning product suite unlocks trading opportunities through real-time analytics underpinned by world-leading, scalable, ultra-low latency architecture.

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Claire Olejnik Head of Brand Marketing

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